Curriculum and Responsive Classroom


To view the full day kindergarten curriculum please visit Ontario Curriculum. 
You can also use this PDF document to view or print just the Full Day Kindergarten Ontario curriculum.

Responsive Classroom

The Responsive Classroom approach is a way of teaching that emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community. Developed by classroom teachers in 1981 and continually refined to meet schools’ needs, the approach consists of practical strategies for helping children build academic and social emotional competencies day in and day out. In urban, suburban, and rural settings nationwide, educators using these strategies report increased student engagement and academic progress, along with fewer discipline problems.

To learn more about Responsive Classroom check out their website or this quick fact sheet

Learning Through Morning Meeting

There is a wonderful beginning to your child’s school day! It’s called Morning Meeting. Each morning, first thing we gather together as a class. We sit in a circle so everyone can see and hear everyone else.

The purposes of Morning Meeting:

• set the tone for respectful learning and establish a climate of trust

• the tone and climate of morning meeting extend beyond the meeting

• Morning Meeting motivates children by fulfilling addressing two needs: the need to feel a sense of purpose and to have fun

• the repetition of many ordinary moments of respectful interaction enables some extraordinary moments

• Morning Meeting merges social, emotional, and intellectual learning

To start morning meeting, children greet each other by name, eventually your child will learn lots different ways to greet friends. Your child will start each day by hearing his or her name called by classmates in a friendly and cheerful manner.

Next, children will have an opportunity to share some news of interest to the class. Usually two or three children will share each day. Sharing might be a special happening with a friend or sibling. It might be sharing a piece of work the student is especially proud. We learn to listen and respect the thoughts and interest each other have.

After Sharing, there is an activity for the whole class. Some days it might be singing or learning a poem. Some days it might be a math or language game. The activity time helps the class find out they can cooperate and solve problems, have fun and learn together.

The last part of morning meeting is called News and Announcements. During this time students think about the day ahead. We read a written message together about the learning we will do that day. The message may be used to teach a specific reading or writing skill.

In Morning Meeting children learn to value themselves and their classmates. They increase their self confidence and respect for others. We look forward to having you become a part of our Morning Meeting when you visit our class!

Everyone should try storybird! A collaborative story telling site. The possibilities are endless! Why not try Storybird right now! Write a story with your child and if you do I will post it here on our blog for his or her classmates to read.